For Art classes and workshops in and around Leighton Buzzard

Oil Painting

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Times and dates for Oil Painting:

Mondays 14.00-16.00 Heath Village Barn, Eastern Way, Heath and Reach Beds.

10 weekly sessions, from 8th January – 21st March 2018 (excluding Half Term week 12th February.)

What happens during the classes:

This class deals with the properties of oil paint, – how it works, which thinners to use when, which supports ( canvas, board, wood etc.,) tools and brushes to use for particular effects and how to look after them.

Techniques such as how to mix and blend colours, apply glazes or work impasto are explained and demonstrated.

With such a versatile painting medium it’s possible to tackle all sorts of subjects, including still life, portraits, landscapes and abstract ideas. I lead the class for some sessions, demonstrating a particular technique and we work on themes that allow everyone to follow their own preference, so you will be encouraged to develop your own style by trying out different ideas and methods.

Please note: No materials or equipment can be provided (including boards/canvasses/easels) – although I can usually lend a brush or spare some paint etc., if you’re short!

 Please contact me for a list of materials if you haven’t been to this class before.

What to expect at the first session:

I have set a theme for the beginning of the Spring Term (see below) and I will be bringing along something connected for myself to work from. This will enable me to demonstrate some techniques for you. Please contact me if you’re not sure what to bring.

The theme for the start of the new term is “Winter”. What does this suggest to you…?

Perhaps a wintery landscape ( we’ve had some fantastic examples recently!) or an interior with a roaring fire – in which case you will need to bring a photograph (preferably one that you’ve taken yourself, and definitely NOT a reproduction of a work by another artist!) to paint from.

Maybe “Winter” makes you think of dried and faded seedheads, bowls of nuts and other food we tend to have at this time of year, or winter clothing and boots, – all of which suggest some possibilities for a still life arrangement. You will need to bring a collection of these things to set up your still life and consider how it will be lit. This would then be your starting point for a painting.

Of course you might prefer to create an abstract work instead – which could be based on photographs of shapes/pattern/colours found especially at this time of year (what about something frozen in ice…??)

If you like to paint people or animals, I suggest taking a photograph of your subject in a “winter” setting, or doing something especially relating to winter (like chopping wood?).

I anticipate that this piece of work will take several weeks to complete, (as oil paintings generally do!) and might perhaps last till half-term.


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